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140 Dual Envelope/LFO (Used)

140 Dual Envelope/LFO (Used)

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With a design inspired by a 1980s modular classic, the Behringer System 100 generates the dreamy, fat synth tones that defined a decade — sounds that now permeate modern Synthwave and Retro Electro and have found their way into contemporary Pop, Hip Hop, and Indie. The Behringer 140 Dual Envelope/LFO is an authentic reproduction of the original unit, designed for Eurorack, with two independent ADSR sections and an LFO featuring five selectable waveshapes and a separate inverted output. The envelopes each have standard external gate control, but they also include a manual gate button, which comes in handy when you’re auditioning sounds. 

This unit is in great condition and comes in original box.


16 HP
44 mm
40 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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