• 860 MK2 Multi-Mode Filter (Used)


860 MK2 Multi-Mode Filter (Used)

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The System80 860MK2 is a 10 HP updated version of our popular JOVE filter. It is a Eurorack interpretation of the multi-mode filter found in the Roland Jupiter-6, a 1980s analogue polysynth.

The 860 MK2 replaces both the 14 HP JOVE and the 8 HP 860 MK1.  It has been updated and improved in several ways, including memory recall of the filter mode, a quad OTA filter core, internal voltage references, a fully attenuated 2 input audio mixer, and a steel back cover.

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 10mA @+12v / 15mA @-12v

10 HP
10mA @+12v / 15mA @-12v