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8Bit Synth (Used)

8Bit Synth (Used)

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This is a handmade 8-bit digital monophonic synthesizer in a cute pedal format. It can be used as a fun noisemaker or drone machine, or controlled over CV and Gate inputs to be used as a standard synth module.

Page through 9 modes with a single button then alter the sound with control over the speed and pitch.

Mode 1 – Pitch is tuned to 3 octaves of chromatic scale with LFO stutter effect.
Mode 2 – Pitch is tuned to 5 octaves of D Major pentatonic scale with LFO stutter effect.
Mode 3 – Run of frequencies down.
Mode 4 – Run of frequencies up.
Mode 5 – Run up and down.
Mode 6 – Frequency with modulation.
Mode 7 – Overlapping modulation.
Mode 8 – 4 simple rhythmic loops mapped over pitch knob, with speed control.
Mode 9 – Noise produced by random frequency. Pitch sets the max freq.

You also have a filter, volume control, toggle on/off switch, and a red LED light that flashes in sync with the effect. Output via a 1/4″ jack that is easily connected to amps, effects or recording equipment. Sync out works with any device that works with 5 volt clock. Also a CV input (0-5 volts) overrides the pitch control.

This used unit is in great condition. It can be powered by an internal 9v battery (included), or an external 9v center-negative power supply (not included).

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