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Beatstep Pro (Used)

Beatstep Pro (Used)

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Arturia's Beatstep Pro is a sequencing powerhouse, a surgical control tool, and possibly the single best front-end for a complex modular setup. With four sequencer tracks at your fingertips, you can easily manage multiple voices from a single streamlined interface with performance features such as beat repeat. The fourth sequencer is special - it's a drum sequencer with multiple trigger outs, perfect for controlling rhythm modules or hardware that responds to trigger inputs. Switch to control mode, and the 16 encoders and 16 pressure-sensitive pads can be configured to control any number of MIDI CCs or control voltages. Needless to say, all this information comes out through MIDI, CV, and over USB. The Beatstep Pro is endlessly configurable using a straightforward and free computer application. Whatever your control needs are, the Beatstep Pro is sure to be able to fill them.

This used unit is unregistered and in perfect shape. It comes in the original packaging, with all the original accessories.

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