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BLK_NOIR Drum Synthesizer (Used)

BLK_NOIR Drum Synthesizer (Used)

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We have this item in stock and ready to ship.' Blk_Noir is a 7-voice analog drum synthesizer in eurorack modular format. Though it uses Roland's CR-78 as a point of departure, Blk_Noir is inherently darker, harsher, and deeper. Its discrete analog circuits are blended with unhealthy doses of spectral animation and digital noise, adding to its brooding character. Its voices consist of kick, snare, closed and open hats, tambourine, cymbals, and a metallic membrane. Kick, snare, and tambourine voices enjoy their own dedicated outputs, while open/closed hi-hats are summed through their own output alongside a cymbal/membrane output. There's also a summed master stereo output, which houses a resonance filter for a little extra flavor. Additionally, the module boasts an effects processor with 8 wicked algorithms for advanced sonic depravity. Combined, these features make Blck_Noir one of the most formidable percussion modules in all of eurorack. While it is suitable for dark techno and EBM, its comprehensive capabilities and inherent open-endedness mean it can easily find its way into any electronic music genre.

This used unit is in great condition.

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