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Chipz (Used)

Chipz (Used)

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Dual voltage-controlled oscillator / LFO

The Chipz module is a dual voltage-controlled oscillator / low-frequency oscillator module. The voltage-controlled oscillators are derived from classic lo-fi sounding wave shapes, designed to be full of character. Cre8Audio’s product description says “we started with the idea” that Chipz would be a 3 oscillator synth that reminds the user of “the sound of their Commodore, Atari, and NES systems.”

Beyond “chiptune” sounds, each Chipz module VCO features 5 different waveshapes – sine, triangle, saw, square, and noise. Users can morph between waveshapes with the turn of a knob. VCO #1 – Chip1 has an integrated filter, VCO #2 – Chip2 has integrated width control, aka duty cycle of the waveform can be modulated to shape the sound. Chipz dual LFO also features 5 different waveshapes, sine, triangle, saw, square, and random. Users can change between each of these waveshapes with the turn of a knob.


  • Chip1 - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
  • Chip2 - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
  • LFO - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise

Frequency range of oscillators

  • Chip1 - out 91 ~ 1.47K
  • Chip2 - out 91 ~ 1.47K
  • LFO - out1 75.75m ~ 2
  • LFO - out2 370m ~ 10

Some helpful notes

  • 0-5V voltage range LFO output 1
  • 0-5.8V voltage range LFO output 2
  • Input voltage range of oscillators = 0-10V
  • Minimum voltage required to set LFO trigger input high = 0.7 ~ 5V
  • LFO 2 runs at 4x the speed of LFO 1. This is ideal when using the LFOs to control the Cellz sequencer module.
  • Both LFOs output unipolar voltages ranging from 0 to +5 volts
  • Both Filter CV input and Width CV input are intended to handle positive voltages. Negative voltages into either Filter or Width input cause Chip 1, Chip 2, and both LFOs to go berserk.

This used unit is in good condition.


12 HP
30 mm
35 mA +12V
19 mA -12V
30 mA 5V
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