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  • Metropolis (Used)
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Metropolis (Used)

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The Intellijel Metropolis is a fun and powerful eurorack sequencer that is inspired by the Ryk M-185 (a Roland System 100m format sequencer). It is very immediate and performative and works great for creating and tweaking melodies with the built-in quantizer and scales.

  • Sequencer modes: Forward, Forward-fixed, Reverse, Reverse-fixed, PingPong, PingPong-Fixed, Random, Random-fixed, Brownian, Brownian-fixed
  • TB-303 style slide (constant time portamento) with adjustable time.
  • Internal quantizing in any key and a choice of 30 different scales
  • Can act as a master clock with tap tempo BPM control or slave to an external clock.
  • SAVE/LOAD panel settings to EEPROM
  • Shuffle
  • Internal clock divider
  • Sync output
  • Two assignable AUX inputs which can control: gate length, transpose, key shift, root
  • shift, sequence length, step divisor and octave offset.
  • Config menu to set slider pitch range, clock div type, sync type and reset type
  • All menu actions are one level deep. i.e. press the menu button and spin the encoder.
  • There are no hidden levels or sub menus (except for the CONFIG menu)

34 HP
45 mm
195 mA @ +12V
8 mA @ -12V