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One Little Bear XLR Switcher (Used)

One Little Bear XLR Switcher (Used)

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MC103-Pro is a 3-way passive stereo audio splitter. It supports 3 stereo XLR inputs and 1 output (or 1 input and 3 outputs). You can choose freely according to your audio device. MC103 is designed for customers have several music equipment with XLR balanced output. You can conveniently switch among different sound sources and compare their sound performance (for 3-IN-1-OUT version) and use 1 audio source and 3 amplifiers to compare the performance of your amplifiers (for 1-IN-3-OUT version).
It has an all aluminum shell to effectively avoid external noise and guarantee high-quality signal transmission; gold-plated XLR ports to ensure high reliability electric connection and minimize signal attenuation during its transmission.
Each channel has been connected with shielding wire to avoid interference from outside and make sure lossless signal transmission. Exquisite appearance with mini size; can be easily placed and carried to enjoy the charming of music everywhere.
Passive audio switcher, no impact on the sound quality; with silver-plated contacts to ensure its smoothness; with HOT / COLD simultaneous switching mode and GND common terminal.

  • Material: aluminum
  • Dimensions: (L)148mm*(W)105mm*(H)69mm
  • Net Weight: 470g
Great condition, works beautifully. No box or accessories.
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