• Pulsar-23 Organismic Drum Machine (Used)
  • Pulsar-23 Organismic Drum Machine (Used)

Soma Laboratory

Pulsar-23 Organismic Drum Machine (Used)

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A daunting and enigmatic beast, the Pulsar from Soma Labs is a four channel analog percussion synthesizer. Powerful, gritty, and full of strangeness, the Pulsar is an instrument that plays YOU.

The Pulsar can be patched using jumper cables attached to electrical contacts scattered over its front panel. Test out a patch point by bridging the connection through your body, then attach a cable if you like what you hear. The analog voices are rich and full of character, with a number of modulation destinations you can control with a clock, an LFO, a sample and hold generator, one of many impulse generators, or even your own body's electricity. Use the innovative CV looper to play the voices with a sequence of saved pulses. Run the result through a gnarly analog drive stage or a delay.

This machine is odd, assertive and will reward a dedicated student of its mysteries.

This used unit is in excellent condition and comes with all the original accessories, as pictured.