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Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer (Used)

Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer (Used)

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This is the modern reincarnation of a Waldorf classic. Pulse 2 is a digitally-controlled analog monosynth with a great sound and many tricks up its sleeve.

Stereo sound generation is handled by three analog oscillators and an analog two or four pole multi-mode filter. It has a powerful mod matrix making use of its two LFOs and two envelopes, plus some interesting cross-modulation modes. It also features some fascinating play modes, somehow squeezing eight voices of paraphony from its architecture. Another hidden gem is the complex arpeggiator, which is essentially a sequencer with programmable velocity, accent, slides and more. All this is packed into an easily navigable interface with a large, clear display.

But what of the sound? Waldorf is known for their precise and expressive sound engines, and this model is no exception. Pulse 2 is adept at sounding clean and pure, but the two flavours of analog drive mean that it can roar and scream with the best of them. This is a powerful package that any seasoned synthesist will immediately appreciate.

This used model is in good shape. It has some cosmetic scuffs and scratches, but has been thoroughly tested and is in perfect working order. It has been modded with an inverted screen.

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