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Quadra + Expander (Used)

Quadra + Expander (Used)

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The Intellijel Quadra and Expander modules comprise four parallel function generators (more commonly referred to as “Envelope Generators,”) plus numerous CV controls. The Quadra function generator has three modes, AD (Attack, Decay), ASR (Attack, Sustain, Release) and Cycle (a perpetually repeating AD envelope, which acts like a unipolar LFO). Each function can be configured to have a linear or exponential curve, and each features a wide time-base control from 0.5ms to over 30 seconds. The Expander enhances Quadra’s core functionality by allowing attenuated voltage control over Attack and Decay for each function generator; plus a Quadrature mode and an analog OR mixer for each function generator pair.

This used pair of modules is in great condition.


6 HP
44 mm
52 mA @ +12V
5 mA @ -12V
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