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Xotic Effects

Bass RC Booster (Used)

Bass RC Booster (Used)

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A transparent boost just for bass

For fatter, punchier bass tones

To enhance the natural harmonics and open up your sound – Now with even more gain

Need more headroom? You got it!

The Xotic “Voltage Doubler” is a step-up converter that takes 9 volts DC and boosts it to an output voltage of 15 or 18 VDC (max current draw 80mA).

Why do you need a voltage doubler? Higher voltage levels result in more headroom. When you boost the voltage your find your Xotic pedals will get much more dynamic, more headroom, top end and brightness, less compressed sound.

This used pedal includes the box and in-line voltage doubler. It can be powered by a standard 9v center-negative power supply, not included.

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