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Ridge Overdrive (Used)

Ridge Overdrive (Used)

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Kernom's distinctive MOOD knob enables you to explore a limitless array of overdrive clipping variations. Whether you prefer soft or hard clipping, symmetrical or asymmetrical characteristics, inspired by Germanium or Silicon diode behavior, our augmented analog circuitry empowers you to embark on a sonic voyage spanning the full spectrum of drive tones. With just a single twist of the knob, you can seamlessly transition from an ultra-clean boost to ferocious high-gain intensity, passing through dynamic overdrive or more compressed textures


To begin, we offer the traditional post-Tone control positioned after the clipping stage, allowing you to fine-tune how your pedal interacts with your amplifier, in an  advanced version within the Ridge. Recognizing the substantial impact that guitar interaction can have on overdrive tone, we've introduced a distinctive Pre-Tone adjustment before the clipping stage. This feature lets you modify how your playing influences the dynamics of the overdrive tone. Additionally, we've included a MID section to help your sound either stand out or seamlessly blend with other instruments in a mix.


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