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RV-7 Stereo Reverb (Used)

RV-7 Stereo Reverb (Used)

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DigiTech's Hardwire RV-7 Stereo Reverb outclasses some of the more expensive Reverbs in the industry! From a Jazz Room, to a rich Hall, to a surfy spring, the HardWire RV-7 Stereo Reverb covers all the bases. Reverb, one of the original effects, can make or break your sound. It features lush, studio quality, Lexicon Reverbs. Room, Plate, Reverse, Modulated, Gated, Hall, and Spring Reverbs can all be adjusted for Level, Liveliness, and Decay to achieve any reverb tone. The RV-7 is crafted from premium all-metal components, assuring durability! 


Lexicon Reverb Types:

  • Room – Fast decaying reverb; great for a touch of ambience
  • Plate – Renowned studio reverb heard on classic recordings
  • Reverse – Reverb in reverse; gradually crescendos to full volume
  • Modulated – Lush, modulating, reverb ideal for chords
  • Gated – Unique reverb with abrupt decay; good for percussive playing
  • Hall – Large, encompassing reverb with warm decay
  • Spring – Classic “surf” reverb; great for Rockabilly too!


Pedal is in excellent condition! 


9V Centre-Negative
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