• T-Wrex Bitcrusher / Decimator (Used)

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T-Wrex Bitcrusher / Decimator (Used)

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The appropriately-named T-Wrex, from Alright Devices, is a bitcrusher and decimator module for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The module is capable of audio effects and low frequency signal processing. When used for audio, the module processes audio through two independent channels that smash all incoming signals into glorious digital cacophony. When used for low frequency signals, the module functions as a sample and hold stepped modulator.

T-Wrex features attenuverters on every CV input, affording precise mixing and effect deployment. Both the bitcrusher and decimator sections contain separate inputs, enabling them to be used independently for even more options.

This used unit is in excellent condition and includes the original box.