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TQ5 Tone Generator (Used)

TQ5 Tone Generator (Used)

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The Yamaha TQ5 tone generator is a 4op FM synthesizer with 8 voices, 8 notes polyphony and the usual 8 algorithms. It belongs to the same family of the Yamaha DX11 and TX81Z but it also adds ten built-in effects including reverb, delay and distortion, sharing a lot with the V50 and EOS B200. The unit also includes a 8-track sequencer, which makes it a great all-in-one machine in a rather small package.

The TQ5 has 100 presets, plus another 100 patches in RAM and an optional RAM card containing an additional 100 slots. The built-in sequencer is capable of storing 999 bars of music (about 10,000 notes) that can be recorded in real time or step time from a master keyboard. It also has a function of dubious utility which shows the current time, date and day of the week after a minute of inactivity. It does however expand on the "easy edit" functionality first introduced with the TX81Z and DX11, letting you modify FM parameters with an analog-like approach.

This used unit has some light wear from the previous owner but has been tested to work perfectly. It comes with the original power supply.

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