What Cicada is Listening To — Nov 2022

What Cicada is Listening To — Nov 2022

This is what we have all been listening to at the shop this month. Some real goodies in here.

Sam’s Pick

Toeachizown is a collection of solid synth funk grooves from Dâm-Funk. Released in 2007, this record was made using some classic synthesizers and drum machines such as the Roland JX-3P and Sequential Drumtraks. What sets this album apart is Dâm-Funk's understated but total command of the groove. Don't let the two hour plus runtime intimidate you - he makes it so easy to lose yourself in the album's fiery synth bass solos and cold jams.

Chris’ Pick

I keep coming back to Fantasy by Romare over the past few weeks. A playful, precise mix of samples from 70's films, instrumentation and vocals. This eight track collage is all over the map, in the best way. Some tracks plod forward. Some are laid back. All of 'em reward additional spins.

Akeem’s Pick

Cuuuult status record, ridiculous production by The Dust Brothers, out of print on vinyl since it’s initial release

Lucas’ Pick

Legion of Green Men’s 1999 classic, Floating on Shallow Water, has all the hallmarks of a great chill out record. Perfect for Sunday morning lounging after a night out. A mellow vibe and deep bass make this record an all-time favourite.

Dom’s Pick

The second album from the UK duo, released on Ninja Tune at the start of 2021. A collection of sweeping melodies, haunting vocals and soundscapes, over a base of tight breakbeats that keep it moving from start to finish. 

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