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3U Black 104HP Skiff Case

3U Black 104HP Skiff Case

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The Eowave 3U Skiff 104 HP is an aluminium Eurorack case that holds a modular system up to 104HP wide. The height is 3U. A power supply is already integrated. The power connection, with on and off switch, is on the side of the case. The maximum installation depth is 60mm and 40mm above the power supply unit on a width of 5HP. The side parts of the case are painted black.

Tech specs

  • Width : 104HP
  • Depth : 6cm
  • Depth all along the 5HP of the power supply : 4cm
  • Current Consumption : +12V : 2.4A ; -12V : 1.2A ; +5V : 0.5A
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