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A Guide to Modular Worlds

A Guide to Modular Worlds

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A Guide to Modular Worlds tries to capture and explain the fascination of sound synthesis and modular components in today‘s environment. Today, musicians live in a digital world where a full-fledged studio can live in a single laptop. At the same time, we are surrounded by a plethora of electronic instruments and effects. These can be rare or popular items from the past, a choice of constantly developed hardware or improved virtual solutions … or unique constructions from a constantly emerging market of small manufacturers that have risen since the introduction of the Eurorack format.

No matter if you are a live-keyboard player performing in clubs, an expert in sound design or film music, a passionate collector, a DJ with the need for additional sound flavors or just a hobbyist. The possibilities offered by the modular renaissance make it hard not to get enthusiastic, given the acceleration of newly invented products in all prize ranges.

Once designed for academic sound research, modular systems have long been sitting in a niche of specific electronic genres. They were conserved by few enthusiasts and considered being great-sounding but rare and unaffordable … This has drastically changed. Modular today is fresh, innovative and alive. It covers more options in hardware and software than ever. In fact, it is one of the best ways to design the sounds and instruments you always dreamt of … and it is a definitive countermovement to computer-based uniformity and modern consumerism. Get something highly individual and leave your mark!

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