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Alter X (Used)

Alter X (Used)

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Alter X is the pedal version of Alter 1 eurorack module featuring four 1/4" jacks in addition to 1/8" as well as buffered switching that allows for trails.

Though it functions the same as other pedals, this pedal is a little different. Most pedals are made for guitars and then artists may choose to use them in different ways. We made this pedal to work with either standard ¼” jacks (for both input and output) or 1/8” (3.5mm) jacks for use with anything else. For those who like to use CV (control voltage) for any eurorack format, cv keyboard, or pedals which output cv (eg. expression or sequencing), all four of the main knobs have cv inputs (mix, x, y, filter) so you can control your knobs without touching if the desire strikes you.

These pedals accept guitar, line or eurorack levels.

The enclosure is very thick, gold plated PCB (it’s very, very tough).

This used unit is in excellent condition and comes in the original box.

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