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Balanced Light Plus Gauge Electric Guitar Strings (10.5-50)

Balanced Light Plus Gauge Electric Guitar Strings (10.5-50)

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Here we’ve got our Balanced .0095s, otherwise known as our Balanced Super Light Plus Gauge strings. Yes, we know that name is a mouthful, but the idea is a pretty easy pill to swallow…

We get a ton of players writing in, telling us that they switch between 10s and 11s all the time, and can never find something that’s just right for them. Well, problem solved. Our 10.5s give you the comfort and flexibility of 10s, with the power and fullness of 11s. If that sounds like you—you have to check these out.

Gauges: .0105 – .0135 – .017 – .028 – .038 – .050
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