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Basil Stereo Delay

Basil Stereo Delay

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Basil is a compact, yet flexible, digital stereo delay module built on the Bastl Pizza platform. It offers clean delay, as well as lo-fi flavors, and its Space section opens the doors to exploration far beyond simple delay territory. The Basil delay buffer modulates really well, allowing to recreate most classic time-based effects, such as chorus, flanger, vibrato, pitch shifter, reverb, and stereo widener, among others, and navigate between them with just a few performative gestures.

Go clean, go dirty, go far. In stereo!

Basil is ideal for clean effects, ambient washes, glitchy sound design, or distorted drones. With its V/Oct input, fine delay tuning, and filter in the feedback path, it can also be effectively used as part of a Karplus-Strong synthesis voice. Even the feedback amount is compensated with the shortest delay times to maintain constant decay characteristics when changing pitch.

The frontiers of space and time at your fingertips

The delay time features stereo spread and fine-tune components, and can be synchronized to the clock via the Sync jack. The Feedback knob has two sides - simple feedback and ping pong mode, where the Left and Right channels cross-feedback.

The Space section brings a variety of flavors to the table! The Blur function provides two ways to diffuse the delay – either directly or in the feedback path, tilting the Basil delay towards the realm of experimental reverb machines. The feedback Filter offers low-pass and high-pass modes that can make the sound brighter or darker. And finally, Taps are multi-taps with either odd or even spacing, adding density to your delays and reverbs.

The assignable CTRL knob and CV allow you to modulate any of the many parameters (time, stereo, fine, dry/wet, feedback, speed, freeze, lo-fi, blur, filter, and taps) and tailor the Basil delay to your preferred use.

Drone till oblivion

The Speed section allows for longer delay times by running the buffer at half speed or – in the extended range – at quarter and eighth speeds. This approach creates octave jumps, ensuring the delays remain in tune with your material. It is also great for creating drone layers.

Because the sample rate goes very low at lower speeds, Basil brings in a low-pass anti-aliasing filter that removes high frequencies. However, you can also turn the filter off with the LO-FI setting and enjoy some downsampled goodness at lower speeds.

The Freeze function treats the delay buffer as a read-only sample loop that can be layered with the incoming signal. You can sync it and use all the other modifications with it as well.


8 HP
24 mm
+12 V: 90 mA
-12 V: 20 mA
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