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Beads - Black & Gold Panel

Beads - Black & Gold Panel

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This is a black and gold panel designed for the Mutable Instruments Beads texture synthesizer module. The design is clean and simple, with a few tweaks compared to the original one. It has wider racking holes that makes it possible to adjust the position of the module precisely on your case.

The panel is made of PCB with matte black solder mask. The exposed copper is coated using the ENIG-RoHS (Nickel and Gold) finish for extra durability and a nice golden colour.

*Note the Beads module itself is not included


Installation tips

When you unscrew all the jack nuts and potentiometer nuts the original panel is ready to come off. Be careful the led next to the quality mode push button, it’s not a through hole led. It’s an smd led with a light pipe on top of it. When you remove the panel, the light pipe will probably be wedged on the panel. You need to pull it off and move to the next step. The light pipe is the pcb mount type, not a panel mount one. That means that there is a specific slot for the light pipe on top of the led, it’s fairly easy to find it, and when you do the light pipe will stay in a vertical position. Be careful, you need to place the pipe before you install the new panel, just be careful not to damage the led or anything else around it. After you do that install the panel as vertically as possible, if you placed the pipe properly the panel will install with no problems.


This is not an official Mutable Instruments product. You are fully responsible for any damage you cause to your module, other gear or your self while handling, installing or using the parts that I offer. There are many through hole parts on the module that are soldered in a way that may lead to small center point offsets from one module to another. The panels are made with a margin at the holes to make it easier for you to install them, but again, be careful. I take no responsibility if you can’t install your panels for any reason, but I am willing to help guide you if you ask me. The panels are made of PCB so there will be minor imperfections on the silk screen, or the solder mask, the holes, the cuts etc.. In fact, it’s really rare for a PCB panel not to have imperfections. This has to do with the manufacturing process and the materials that are used.

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