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Fjord Fuzz



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BERSERK II builds on the previous iteration by reducing both complexity and cost to the absolute minimum while offering much improved tonality and texture.
The circuit offers somewhat reduced low-end compression compared to a traditional Fuzz Face style circuit, but much higher output as well as more pronounced top-end fidelity, very useful for live performances. Cleanup is not as abrupt and yields a wider variety of tonal textures.

Primarily intended for use with an edge-of-breakup rig. Sticking first in line and using the guitar’s onboard controls for further manipulation is highly encouraged.

Turn down to reduce bass at input. Allows you to use the fuzz post-wah. Lowers gain, output and saturation. Set it low for treble booster tones.

Controls gain the same way as your guitar’s volume control does. Set it low and you can turn the fuzz into an anti-fuzz cleanup device. Very handy.

Controls output volume. There’s way more of it than in a classic Fuzz Face. Turn it down a bit to reduce hiss, unless you need the output to push your amplifier into overdrive.

For the most adventurous type, I’ve added some pads on the PCB for adding clipping diodes of your choice. This will lower output and clarity and add some compression.

Experimentation is always encouraged at Fjord Fuzz HQ and doing so will never void warranty. Do leave some leg length if you decide to modify the pedal so reverting it to default is easier for future users! Schematic shows asymmetric and symmetric clipping options.

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