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Collision Devices

Black Hole Symmetry - Limited Edition Pink

Black Hole Symmetry - Limited Edition Pink

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A very special pink version of Black Hole Symmetry. Identical in sound and function to the standard BHS.

Modulated Delay / Pitch shifted Reverb / Destruction Fuzz

Travel through the Ergosphere, the Event Horizon and the Singularity. The 3 parts of the pedal which can be played together or separately.


Destruction Fuzz

The single setting "Disintegrate" allows you to raise your sound. 

Forget the fact that your drummer plays loudly. 

Event Horizon

Pitch shifted Reverb

Long reverb based on the FV1 chip. 

Harmonizes the reverb signal with a pitch shifter. 


Modulated Delay 

Based on the PT2399 chip to have a warm echo. 

The echo signal is modulated by two oscillators. 

Each pedal is designed, assembled, tested and numbered by hand in our workshop in France and has a lifetime warranty.

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