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Blipblox After Dark Synth for Kids

Blipblox After Dark Synth for Kids

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Advanced synthesis has never been so fun!

The Blipblox After Dark features a mature look with completely re-engineered electronics and software, it's the synth you'll play when the lights go out and the little ones go to sleep.


The Blipblox After Dark has the same signal flow as the original Blipbox, including selectable oscillators, two LFOs, two envelope generators and a 3-by-3 modulation matrix. All new software and electronics gives the After Dark these additional features

  • Advanced multimode resonant filter gives every sound a rich, analog-like quality.  
  • Multi-tap stereo delay adds a full, lush effect to the output.  
  • New oscillator modulation schemes include enhanced Blipblox classics, plus all new schemes that utilize 256 custom wavetables that can be morphed and scanned.
  • The After Dark’s drums are generated by over a hundred new kick and snare samples that can be individually pitched for unique, professional beats.
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