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Blipblox Synth for Kids

Blipblox Synth for Kids

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Introducing the Blipblox synthesizer made for kids. Not your typical music toy, but a fully functional synthesizer that has been safety tested for children as young as 3 years old.

The Blipblox's kid-friendly design features colorful knobs and buttons plus an interactive LED light show, while the professional synthesis engine and other studio features promote music-making on a whole new level.

No need to connect a phone.  No software to download.  No music experience necessary. 

Just turn it on and start exploring electronic music in a completely new way.

How It Works

The Blipblox comes loaded with over 300 engaging melodies, so it starts playing music the moment you turn it on.  The colorful controls are irresistible to kids, who can quickly learn how they are modifying the sound with each knob, button or lever.  There is no wrong way to play and there are always new sounds to explore.  The synchronized LED light show provides visual feedback to the music being played, and adds sensory excitement to making music.

Safe For Kids

Blipblox synthesizers are uniquely designed to be completely safe for kids.  The knobs can’t be pulled off, there aren’t sharp corners or edges, and the plastic case is designed to take hard hits, drops and spills.  The Blipblox is one of the only synthesizers fully certified to international toy safety standards for ages 3 and up.

Studio Ready

The Blipblox has all of the features of a real synthesizer.  To start with, there is a 5-pin MIDI input so you can connect and play it with an external keyboard, computer or drum machine.  The 1/4" Audio Output jack connects to an external speaker to go loud, or to record the Blipblox into a music production system.  The Blipblox features 12 unique oscillator modulation schemes that provide synthesis methods such as Pulse Width Modulation, Oscillator Sync, Detune, Frequency Modulation, and many other modulations that are unique to the Blipblox.  The oscillators and the low pass filter can be modulated by two LFOs, and the Envelope Generator via a 3x3 modulation matrix.  Drop the beats with the built-in drum machine.  The Blipblox includes many features to help advance users navigate the sounds, such as an Performance Mode LED display.

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