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Modbap Modular



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Introducing CLRS by Modbap, a 10HP stereo module that reimagines HUE with a versatile DJ-style filter, a Drive effect, stereo width control, Lofi effect, Bit Depth knob, and Mag effect. Elevate your mix with CLRS's compressor and CV inputs for dynamic and expressive control over your sound. Experience the flexibility and possibilities with CLRS in your Eurorack or groovebox setup. Add warmth, character, vintage vibes, and more to your music.


  • Audio processing effect
  • DJ Style Filter (HP and LP)
  • Tape Saturation (mag), Drive, and Lofi effects
  • One knob compressor with switchable ratio
  • Ducking input
  • Width Control - stereo field widening parameter
  • CV inputs for Filter, Mag, Drive, Lofi.
  • Stereo input and output


10 HP
24 mm
110mA +12V
8mA -12V
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