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Dirty Window Transparent Distortion

Dirty Window Transparent Distortion

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The Mayfly Dirty Window is a distortion pedal unlike any other. It has three internal gain stages, each tuned to a particular distortion characteristic and voicing. This results in touch sensitive tones with easy access to harmonics. Notes and chords ring clear and full with no mush, even with the gain cranked. The Dirty Window will make you want to play lead guitar all day long.

  • Three internal gain stages, each voiced individually
  • Breaks up like a tube amp - with each stage distorting a little bit.
  • Notes and chords ring clear with no mush - even with high gain settings.
  • Separate Bass and Treble controls help perfectly dial in your tone.
  • High headroom design using an internal 18V supply allowing it to take - and give - high signal levels.
  • Full bypass wth fail-safe relay control; the effect is automatically bypassed if the pedalboard looses power.
  • 9VDC input. 55mA. (Power cable not included)

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