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Disting 1U Display Adaptor

Disting 1U Display Adaptor

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Disting EX Flush External Display is a 1U 2.2" OLED display for use with Expert SleepersⓇ Disting EX.

This module comes fully assembled and ready for use. 



In order to use the secondary display, your Disting EX needs to be running firmware version 1.14 or higher and the display needs to be enabled under general settings on your Disting EX. Note that the setting you are looking for is called "enable second display" and is not the same as "dual display mode". The Disting EX needs to be rebooted for this setting to take effect.

Connect the pins indicated on the image below ito the corresponding pins on the external display.  Note that the display draws it's power through the Disting EX.



14 HP
20 mm
+12v 20mA
-12v 0mA
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