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Dr. Robert v2

Dr. Robert v2

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Your secret weapon for Beatles tones! The Aclam Guitars Dr. Robert is based on the Normal channel of the mythical Vox UL730.

The Vox UL700 amp series were the secret weapon used by The Beatles to achieve the unique guitar tones on Revolver and part of Sgt. Pepper. Introduced in 1966, these state-of-the-art guitar amps mixed a solid-state preamp with a tube power amp section.
Thanks to the relatively new transistor technology, lots of features could be added.
Top of the line models included two channels with three band eq each, distortion, tremolo and reverb. Only a small number of UL730 units survived: attaining the title of being the most collectable Vox amps, with prohibitive collector pricing. Now they are the missing link between tube and solid-state amps!
The most accurate replica of the classic Vox UL730 preamp. To accurately replica the amp's soul and character, Aclam Guitars traced the circuit board and measured each component's value in their original UL730. One of the keys of the UL730's tone is its “Middle” control which is one of the most interesting mid-range EQ ever found in an amp. By turning it counterclockwise, a great amount of mid-frequencies will be subtracted: creating a scooped sound. On the other hand, when it's turned clockwise, it will bring out all the mids and the signal will build up in gain. By tailoring the “Middle” knob you can control both midrange and saturation. To achieve more distortion, Aclam Guitars added a custom FET saturation engine which mimics the attributes of the tube power amp section. Aclam Guitars went even further: adding a "Mach Shau!" section.
This section adds saturation to your main sound and includes an independent volume control: allowing you to have a rhythmic and a solo tone.
Aclam Guitars Dr Robert V2 Pedal Features:

• The most accurate replica of the original Vox UL730 preamp.
• The Vox UL700 amp was the secret weapon used by The Beatles on their Revolver album.
• "Mach Shau!" function: Extra saturation available via a footswitch with an independent volume control.
 New internal Gain Trimmer for the "Mach Shau!" section: fine-tune the saturation for smoother tones.
• Circuit tailored for both guitar and bass.
• Made with high-end components.
• Locks safely to your pedalboard via the thumb screws.
• Dimensions: 5.4" x 3.4" x 2.2".
• True Bypass.
• Power: 9V DC.
• Current draw: 100mA.

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