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Dual Attenuverter

Dual Attenuverter

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The Dual Atenuverter is a CV/Audio utility module designed to attenuate, invert and apply offset to an input signal.

The IN of the first channel is normalled to the IN of the second so it can be used as a two-channel splitter.


  • The “ATENUVERTER” pot will multiply your signal by 1 when turned clockwise and -1 when turned anti-clockwise.
  • The “OFFSET” control can add +/- 10V DC to the output. Useful as a manually controlled DC source when no input is connected.
  • Bicolour LEDs glow red when the output is positive and green when negative meaning this module works well as a CV monitor.


      5 HP
      20 mm
      +12V: 21mA
      -12V: 10mA
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