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Dual VCA (dVCA)

Dual VCA (dVCA)

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DVCA is a dual VCA based on the Mutable Instruments Veils. It features two separate voltage controlled amplifiers, both with a gain and a response curve potentiometer, that is variable from linear to exponential. The outputs are normaled, so when no patch cable is present on output 1, output 2 will contain both signals, allowing the module to be used as a mixer.

The DVCA can be chained together with other DVCAs to make a multi-channel mixer. On the back there are 2 single pins (one on the left side and one on the right) that will say IN and OUT on the PCB. If the DVCAs are side by side you can use a jumper to connect them, or you can use a female-female dupont cable with 2 female ends to connect them if you’d like to spread them out throughout your case.

Comes with jack lights that can be disabled via a jumper on the back.

Based on open source designs by émilie gillet under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) license.


4 HP
17mA @+12V
17mA @-12V
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