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Headphones 1U

Headphones 1U

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Jam on headphones or get a quick stereo output to the PA mixer or your DAW with the 1/4" TRS jack. Mono patch? No problem, the left input is normalled to the right.

Make Some Noise Without Scaring Your Cat

This is a simple 1U module designed to allow the monitoring of a system using headphones. However, if your cat isn’t easily scared, the headphone jack doubles as a TRS stereo line level output. Simply connect the signal that you want to monitor to the 1/8″ jacks, plug in your headphones, and adjust the volume as desired.


  • Low noise headphone amp capable of driving high impedance studio headphones.
  • Effective as a line level stereo output.
  • Left eurorack input normalled to right for dual mono or discrete stereo operation


10 HP
32 mm
30mA @ 12V
30mA @ -12V
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