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Jellyfish Dual Reverb

Jellyfish Dual Reverb

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The Jellyfish is a stage ready, studio quality digital reverb with a stereo signal path. Like the rest of MayFly’s line, simplicity is designed in: achieve deep complex sounds with a minimum of knob twiddling. The Jellyfish allows the player to switch between two independent reverb settings: ‘A’ side, and ‘B’ side. Each side has controls for Pre-Delay, Dwell, and Reverb level. Tweak one side for a spring reverb sound, set the other for a full-on ambient canyon. Switch between the two at a touch of a button. Glorious soundscapes on stage or in the studio!

The Jellyfish features a stereo signal path. Not forgetting our legion of guitar players it includes a mono input mode. When the mono switch is flipped, a mono source is run to both Left and Right reverb channels, which provides a rich, deep reverb. This mode creates a remarkably wide stereo image from a mono source.

The Jellyfish features two outputs: a TRS stereo output, and a mix-mono output. The mix-mono output has the Left and Right reverb channels mixed together. This allows folks with a mono signal path to experience that glorious stereo reverb. Both output jacks are independent and always on: use the mix-mono into your amp, and run the stereo output to your DAW or PA.

The Jellyfish includes a tails switch. With tails on, the reverb decays naturally when you bypass the effect. When off, the reverb cuts off abruptly when bypassed – this can be very dramatic on stage and allow the player to get tight with reverb.
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