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Noise Engineering

Librae Legio

Librae Legio

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Librae Legio is the stereo dynamics processor of your dreams.

Whether you want to cleanly limit the full mix of your patch, add a little bit of color and dynamics with the expander and saturator, or completely crush a sound, Librae can do it all, and more – plus, it’s all CV controllable.

Librae Legio’s unique dynamics processing allows for incredibly clean compression, limiting, and expansion. Add in just a little bit and you won’t even know it’s there, or crank it to the max to really squish your sounds. Use the optional saturation stage to add in some slight harmonic distortion and glue your mix together. At lower gain settings, the saturation adds a little color to your sound and an almost tape-like effect to louder elements of the mix. Crank the gain to drive your mix to a whole new level of saturated happiness.

Librae Legio can process mono or stereo signals, and was designed to work with any type of patch. Concerned that heavy compression will bring out noise in your mix? Librae Legio’s adjustable noise gate will keep your patch clean. It also features an adjustable sidechain filter that changes how the dynamics processor reacts to incoming sounds.

Librae Legio is designed to excel at transparent and musical dynamics processing – but at Noise Engineering, we love to take things over the top, too. Send a gate to the FSU input to turn everything to the max and add some real crunch to your mix.

In just 6 HP, Librae Legio is a powerful and worthy addition to any system, small or large.

Librae Legio is also a DSP and oscillator platform: users can change the firmware on any Legio module, 100% free, to any other firmware in the Legio series. And if you know us, you know we have a lot of ideas coming for this platform.


6 HP
+12v: 140ma
-12v: 22ma
+5v: 0ma
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