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MicroFreak Stellar

MicroFreak Stellar

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MicroFreak Stellar is a limited edition of an acclaimed experimental synth that combines digital oscillators with an analog filter, boundless modulation with musical expression, and a sleek black finish with quirky space-age graphics - primed for your interplanetary sonic voyage.

The same loveable hybrid beast that’s shaken up the synth world, retrofitted for out-of-this-world sound exploration.

A limited edition look

Discover a synth that looks as weird and wonderful as it sounds with a slick all-black exterior, decorated with detailed space-age graphics reflecting its controls.

New firmware

Launched alongside MicroFreak Stellar is another free firmware update for all MicroFreak users, introducing user sample import, a Sampler engine and 3 Granular engines.

Fresh presets

MicroFreak Stellar comes with an exclusive selection of presets designed to boldly go where no Freak has gone before.

The hybrid gamechanger

The next chapter in the Freak story. MicroFreak is the hybrid desktop synth that refuses to stop evolving and continues to inspire with every update.

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