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Bastl Instruments

Microgranny Monolith

Microgranny Monolith

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Take granular sampling into your own hands: lo-fi sounds, so-phisticated style

Granny’s back with a brand new lid: Bastl's classic desktop granular sampler gets a facelift, bringing her into the modern age with enough usability upgrades to last another lifetime, rehomed in sleek black PCB to help it look the part amongst the latest in the Bastl range.

The Microgranny 2.0 you know and love is still there under the facelift: lo-fi sound full of character packed into a hands-on monophonic desktop sampler that is a joy to experiment with. Plug in your microSD card loaded with 8-bit samples, or record them live through the in-built mic or line input, and jump into play with 6 samples right under your fingers, or instantly recall up to 60 presets.

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