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Open Window Transparent Overdrive

Open Window Transparent Overdrive

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Mayfly's Open Window is transparent overdrive that gives you more of what you like of your current rig without screwing up the tone of your guitar or amp. Set it for just a little bit of breakup, or crank it up for a big overdrive sound.

  • Asymmetric clipping for natural sounding overdrive without the fizzyness.
  • Flexible EQ with separate bass and treble controls for perfectly dialling in the character of your tone.
  • High headroom design using internally generated 18V power allowing you to push high levels into it without fear of it crapping out, or use it to boost something downstream.
  • Full bypass wth fail-safe relay control; the effect is automatically bypassed if the pedalboard looses power.
  • 9VDC input. 32mA (Power cable not included)
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