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Red Panda

Particle 2 - Granular Delay

Particle 2 - Granular Delay

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Chop, rearrange and mangle your signal in inspiring ways!

The Red Panda Particle 2 is the long-awaited, completely redesigned version of the original granular synthesis pedal.

The Particle can chop up, pitch shift, modulate, and stutter your delays in totally unique ways!

The new version boasts tons of improvements over its predecessor with more potential for glitchy, textural, time-warping, and shimmery sonic madness.

The pedal offers significantly more features in a reduced size! The maximum delay time was extended from 900ms to an ample 2500ms.
Particle 2 has a total of 8 modes, which can also be combined for more complex granular processing.

Internal memory for bypass state and active preset are implemented to save time and stress in pre-performance settings.

Tap tempo lets you set the adjustments for delay time, grain density, LFO with independent note divisions.

Any combination of parameters can be assigned and controlled via an external footswitch.

The back of the enclosure also features a USB port for communication with MIDI devices.

Though capable of chaotic violence, this granular delay is also ingenious, inspiring, and endlessly fun!

Red Panda Particle V2 delay features:
• Granular delay / pitch shifting pedal.
• Chop up, pitch shift, modulate, and stutter your signal in totally unique ways!
• 3 pitch modes (detune, density, LFO).
• 5 delay modes (random, density, LFO, random pitch, reverse).
• Pitch shift (+/- 1 octave).
• Up to 2.5 seconds of delay.
• Tap tempo / momentary freeze footswitch.
• Soft touch bypass (momentary or latching).
• Stereo input/output (TRS).
• Assignable expression pedal or remote footswitch port.
• Additional parameters via USB MIDI.
• Presets (4 on front, 127 via MIDI).
• Power: 9V DC.
• Current Draw: 250mA.
• Dimensions: 6" X 4" X 3".

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