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Stone Deaf

PDF-1 (used)

PDF-1 (used)

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The PDF-1 from Stone Deaf FX is labeled as a distortion, but it really is so much more than just that. Dabbling in boost, overdrive, distortion and all-around sweet tone-shaper, today’s featured pedal is a true jack-of-all-trades in the effects department.

Loosely based on the vintage Maestro Parametric Filter (MPF), the PDF-1 seeks to add color and sparkle to your existing tone, without being too clunky or over-the-top. The Height knob drops or boosts the frequency by up to 20dB, while the Freq knob selects that frequency, ranging from 65Hz to 3kHz. The Bandwidth selector knob allows you to choose between 5 different settings, reducing or widening your signal’s bandwidth, and there’s also a Clean/Dirty switch, which switches between a more Boost type setting and a crunchier gain mode with ease.

In the Clean setting, the PDF-1 works remarkably as an all-around tone and pedal shaper, working well with other overdrives and distortions to help tame and shape their sound, leading to a well-rounded complete rig setup. When put into Dirty mode, this uniquely-shaped specimen produces some killer stoner rock-inspired sounds, without too much grit and grime, and just the right level of awesome tone. While certainly not the fuzziest or most distorted pedal on the market, past or present, the PDF-1 doesn’t claim to be such, and would rather relish in it’s own unique flavor.

This used pedal includes the original box but does not include a power supply.

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