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Pinkurple Instrument Cable

Pinkurple Instrument Cable

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Let us introduce you to the Pinkurple Instrument Cable. In our endless search for new and exciting cables and colours we came upon a new product we thought would be ideal to introduce into the Instrument Cable world. This sleeving, manufactured by MDPC, is usually used in PC computer systems to adorn their cables. We have re-appropriated this sleeving for our own use. With our first release of the MDPC-X cable sleeving we decided to make it extra fun with the Pinkurple Instrument Cable. It begins with red Van Damme XKE cable with pink sleeving and purple heatshrink. And for those of you who play clubs with UV black-lights, this pink will become fluorescent! The cable is finished off with G&H nickel connectors in the orientation of your choosing. Be unique! Be bold! Go Pinkurple!


  • Low capacitance of 27.4pF/ft (90pF/m)
  • 24 AWG silver plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and bare OFC spiral shield.
  • G&H Nickel connectors
  • Pink MDPC sleeving over red cable with purple heatshrink
  • Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
  • Lifetime Warranty
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