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The original Play set the standard for instant playability. Play+ takes Polyend’s unique groovebox experience to new heights with an upgraded internal architecture, which enables a host of new features and enhancements while retaining the same sleek Play form factor. Immerse yourself in richer stereo sounds, delve into multitimbral polyphonic synthesis, and experience seamless audio over USB.

Multitimbral Synthesizer

Choose from many synth engines, each offering a unique character. Every engine includes an extensive library of professionally crafted presets ready to inspire straight out of the box. And when you want to tailor that sound just so? Sculpt and morph with a suite of intuitive multi-macros, making sound design easily accessible to you.

A build-in patch editor, new synth engines, perform mode for Synth and MIDI, and many more new features will be available in the coming updates.

Stereo Expansion

With Play+, we’ve delicately transitioned from mono to stereo, allowing for a more nuanced and expansive sonic canvas. Experience your sounds with added depth, capturing the subtleties that make all the difference.

Seamless Audio Over USB

Multi-track your sessions. With Play+, 14 stereo tracks can be sent to your DAW separately, ensuring precision and flexibility in post-production. This isn’t just about ease of recording; it’s about amplifying your potential in mixing, mastering, and live performances. Add a professional shine to your completed songs, enhance your tracks with external effects, or add depth during a live set — Play+ is built to compliment every stage of your creative process.

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