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Modern Sounds

Pluto (Used)

Pluto (Used)

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Pluto is compact and portable, with abilities that belie its small size. Five channels of modulation (named for the five moons of Pluto), two voices, two sequencers, a mini-keyboard, and onboard effects make Pluto its own complete sound environment, but it can happily play with all your other gear. 

The design of Pluto draws from a legacy of portable electronic instruments, from the Buchla Music Easel to 80s Casio synthesizers. With a focused, approachable interface, Pluto invites exploration.


Portable semi-modular synthesizer

Two voices, two sequencers

Create complex, randomized sequences

Wavetable and low-aliasing digital oscillators

Rechargeable battery

Built-in delay and reverb effects

Mini touch keyboard  

Clock range from 1 bpm to audio rates 

Audio input for audio processing

Audio output (stereo headphone, line)

Quantize to preset scales, MIDI, or even audio input 

Eurorack-compatible patch signals (5v)

Sync In & Out 

MIDI In & Out (TRS, USB)

Patch cables included

Size and Weight

7.5 x 3.5 x 1.57 inches, 12oz

190.5 x 87.5 x 40 mm, 340g

This unit is in great condition and includes five patch cables. You will need to provide your own USB-C cable to power and charge the unit.

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