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The Kenton Pro-DCB brings instant MIDI to those much-loved instruments, the Juno-60 and Jupiter-8. Just plug in and go.

As well as offering control of notes (and program change on Jupiter-8), the interface also has output sockets for filter control and arpeggio clocking. In addition, it boasts a built-in programmable LFO and works both ways (ie. it’s bi-directional), so your Juno can be used as a master keyboard if required. We think that you’ll find this the most comprehensive MIDI-DCB converter available today, and it’s fast too.
Please ensure that you purchase the adaptor lead if you have a Jupiter-8 with a 20 pin OP-8 connector.

Juno-60 always has a 14 pin DCB connector – so the included DCB lead is fine.
Juno-6 fitted with Kenton DCB socket upgrade also has 14 pin DCB connector – the included DCB lead is fine.

Jupiter-8 must have an existing DCB (14 pin) or OP-8 (20 pin) connector – however some Jupiter-8s have neither – you need to check which yours has. If you have the 14 pin DCB connector, the included DCB lead is fine. If you have the 20 pin OP-8 connector you will need the 14 pin to 20 pin adaptor lead also.

Two 3.5mm mono jack to 1/4″ mono jack leads for Clock and VCF are included as well as the 14 pin DCB lead

9V switch mode power supply included.

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