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Reface CS - Virtual Analog Synth

Reface CS - Virtual Analog Synth

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Discover endless sonic possibilities with the Yamaha Reface CS, a versatile and portable mini keyboard synthesizer designed for musicians and producers who crave creativity on the go. Blending the best of classic analog sounds with modern digital technology, the Reface CS offers an intuitive and powerful tool for music creation and performance.


1. Analog Physical Modeling: Experience rich, analog-inspired sounds with the Reface CS’s analog physical modeling engine, providing everything from fat basses and warm pads to soaring leads and intricate soundscapes.

2. 37 Mini Keys: The 37-note HQ mini keyboard offers a responsive and expressive playing experience, suitable for musicians of all skill levels.

3. Multi-Touch Control Interface: Shape your sound with ease using the multi-touch control interface, featuring sliders for real-time adjustments to your synth parameters.

4. 5 Unique Oscillator Types: Explore a wide range of sounds with five oscillator types, including multi-saw, pulse, oscillator sync, ring modulation, and frequency modulation, each with unique waveforms and modulation capabilities.

5. 8-Voice Polyphony: Enjoy the richness and depth of 8-voice polyphony, allowing you to play complex chords and layered sounds without compromise.

6. Built-In Effects: Enhance your creations with a variety of onboard effects, including distortion, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, and reverb, all easily accessible and adjustable.

7. Compact and Portable: Lightweight and battery-powered, the Reface CS is perfect for musicians who need a portable solution without sacrificing sound quality. Create and perform anywhere, anytime.

8. MIDI and USB Connectivity: Integrate seamlessly with your existing setup using MIDI and USB connectivity, making it simple to connect to your computer, DAW, or other MIDI devices.

9. Built-In Speakers: Play and practice without the need for external amplification thanks to the built-in stereo speakers, delivering clear and powerful sound.

Why Choose the Yamaha Reface CS?

The Yamaha Reface CS is ideal for musicians, producers, and sound designers looking for a portable and versatile synthesizer. Its compact size makes it perfect for studio setups, live performances, and travel, while its powerful sound engine and intuitive controls offer endless creative possibilities. With the Reface CS, you can explore new sonic landscapes and bring your musical ideas to life with ease.

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