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REPLAY is a polyphonic synthesizer with multi-mode arpeggiator inspired by the Roland Juno and the Korg Polysix of the early 1980s. Designed to embody vintage character while utilizing modernity and versatility of form.

Replay has a six-voice virtual analog sound engine that emulates the organic response of an analog circuit - enabling you to create a diverse range of sounds from rich pads and vibrant leads to snappy arpeggios and deep sub-bass tones.

Balancing scope, style and function - Replay has a slim footprint with 22 dedicated sound controls and a 2½-octave keyboard of genuine Cherry MX keys. The intuitive format and sleek design encourages an immersive, hands-on approach to creating your sonic palette.

Replay seamlessly integrates into your personalized setup with full MIDI I/O via 3.5mm jacks and USB connectivity. Compatible with standard effect pedal power supply, Replay connects effortlessly with your pedal board - streamlining your workflow for live performances, studio sessions, etc.

Additionally, Replay offers a user-friendly web interface. Your command center for managing presets, accessing extended parameters and downloading the latest firmware updates.


- 6-voice polyphonic subtractive style synthesizer
- Monochrome aluminum housing with Rogan knobs
- Multi-mode arpeggiator with MIDI beat sync
- 32-bit audio sound processing
- 22 dedicated sound controls
- 4 oscillator waveforms and 7 low-frequency oscillator waveforms
- 2.5 octaves of genuine Cherry MX keys. Installed with hot-swap sockets so you can replace the switch with alternative actions
- Web interface for managing presets, accessing extended parameters, and downloading the latest firmware updates


- 405 mm x 160 mm x 50 mm
- Balanced line-level 1/4” audio input and output
- 3.5mm and USB MIDI I/O (micro USB cable included with replay)
- 9V DC Power, 200mA (power adapter included with replay)

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