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SHTH - Sample and Hold - Track and Hold

Create stepped outputs using two different classic synthesis techniques, sample & hold and/or track & hold.

Sample & Hold

The top four jacks make up the sample and hold section. There is a noise output that is normalled to the input so you can pass a gate/trig signal into the SAMP input to get a stepped output at the OUT jack.

IN - Signal that will be sampled, normalled to NSE output
SAMP - When high updates the voltage being sent to the output
NSE - White noise output
OUT - The sampled output (freezes the value from the IN jack when the SAMP jack receives a high signal)

Track & Hold

The bottom four jacks make up the track and hold section. There is a walk signal (a randomish meandering voltage) that is normalled to the input. Track and hold is the opposite of sample and hold in that it will pass the IN value to the OUT jack until the TRACK input receives a high gate. While the TRACK input is high it will hold the value. After the TRACK input goes low, it will begin tracking the IN signal again.

IN - Signal that will be tracked
TRACK - When high the value will be held at the output
WALK - A meandering voltage
OUT - The track output (follows IN while TRACK is low, held voltage while TRACK is high)

CC-BY-SA Emelie Gillett


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