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Sketchy Zebra Vibrato / Phase Shifter

Sketchy Zebra Vibrato / Phase Shifter

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Sketchy Zebra is a 6-stage vibrato / phase shifter with a huge range of spacey sounds. From a little warble to a full on phased out space travel, the Sketchy Zebra has you covered.

  • Speed control to vary the rate of swirl.
  • Feedback control to control the depth of the phasing. Manual mode and control to set the phase.
  • Manual phase mode and foot-switchable pitch-shifting vibrato mode that captures the essence of a rotating speaker.
  • Internal trim pots to set volume of phase and vibrato effects independently.
  • Full bypass wth fail-safe relay control; the effect is automatically bypassed if the pedalboard looses power.
  • 9VDC input.
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