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Sunrise Guitar Amplifier Simulator

Sunrise Guitar Amplifier Simulator

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Leave the amp at home; plug directly into the PA
The Sunrise is an analog model of those venerable Blackface Reverb amps from the 1960s, including the complex and full sounding power amp breakup, and analog multi-stage cabinet emulator, and a lush sounding stereo reverb. The Sunrise can be plugged directly into your PA, DAW or headphones (via the stereo headphone jack). It's intended to replace your guitar amplifier live and in the studio.

The Sunrise is clean at low volumes, but will begin to sweetly break up as the volume passes 12 o'clock. You can ride that edge between clean and distortion using your picking hand. The Sunrise features Treble, Midrange, and Bass controls that accurately model the response of the original amps, as well as Volume, Master Volume, Reverb, and Dwell controls.

The stock speaker cabinet emulator is set for a classic open-backed American tone, but can be tweaked for a closed back / British sound or anything in between using internal Cabinet and Cone resonance controls. Just like the originals the Sunrise takes pedals well and has a big sound by any standard. It features relay based full bypass allowing it to live at the end of your pedalboard and only be engaged as needed.

The foot-selectable reverb has level and dwell controls to allow you to dial in a little or A LOT of reverb. The reverb generates a stereo image from your mono guitar source which sounds glorious through the headphone jack.

You'll find that you're leaving your amp at home more and more often.

• That Blackface Reverb sound – direct into the PA or DAW.
• Treble, Midrange, and Bass controls respond as the original.
• Volume and Master Volume controls.
• Footswitchable stereo reverb with Level and Dwell controls.
• Stereo headphone jack.
• Tweakable cabinet simulator.
• Pedal friendly.
• Full bypass using relays (with fail safe).

9VDC input. 197mA.
Artwork by Sabine Elliott
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